Navigating  Your Next Journey


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The Ultimate Formula for Success 

Coach Aj Carter can provide you with a road map for success. We provide seminars, workshops, life and career coaching and more to the international community so they can make their life dreams and career goals a priority.

Ajaye’ Carter established our business to help you turn mistakes into stepping-stones. Ajaye', a motivational speaker, is an expert in skill management, organizational effectiveness and leadership development.

Our business has a knack for helping people and organizations that feel they are stuck in their current lives and careers. We empower you to create and control your own vision and destiny in your personal and professional lives.

In today’s fast paced environment many organizations find it difficult to set aside time for tackling important strategic issues. Our focus and methodology was developed to provide organizations with the ideas and tools necessary to create an organizational culture that will turn their vision for success into a reality.

Career Image-Consultants, is committed to educating oriented professionals and business leaders for a new era and helping individuals and companies grow from ordinary to extraordinary by meeting our client’s needs and being your executive coaching and leadership development company of choice.

I look forward to gaining your trust and working with you and your company, whether it’s a keynote, seminar, workshop, or focus group using John Maxwell’s time tested materials. I guarantee the experience your employees will have is transformational; they will be empowered to change their lives by changing the way they think. I am committed to equipping and empowering people to “Win in Life”.  

How We Have Helped Others

"This program was different than all the other programs I’ve attended. It’s made a huge difference in how I see my personal and work life. The tools I’ve learned during this workshop will not just make me a better leader, or a more effective coach, but a stronger person within."

- Adrienne Carter, Civil Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers

"I have taken this type of training before and walked away not fully understanding everything. With the delivery by a dynamic speaker, the hands-on group sessions and small group discussions, this training will benefit any organization." 

- Dennis Wahkinney, Diversity Program Manager, Department of Treasury

"I expected to come away with great tools but the level of learning and self-reflection far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to taking this experience back to my work and personal life." 

- John S. Morris, Structural Engineer, Boeing Aircraft

"The Ultimate Job Interview workshop gave me a lot of knowledge that I otherwise would have never known. It was also a very compelling inspiration to apply that knowledge in the world. I think the group exercises format was good because it allowed us to apply what we had learned among our co-workers and managers." 

- Lawrence Garrett, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

"It was a great mix of lecture and small group discussions, the amount of people was ideal. Ajaye' was dynamic and thoughtful and the 2 scenarios/cases were well selected. I was able to focus more attention on my own morals and values and really consider what part they play in my professional life and career as an Operations Manager. I was also exposed to other ethical issues and concerns that I had never considered. Learning from both the instructor and my co-workers has helped me to expand my values, while learning of new ways to embrace diversity into my work decision making and everyday life." 

- Leonard Martin, Operations Manager, United Postal Service

"Career Image-Consultants made me aware of the issues in leadership and relationships in which I had struggled, but had never even considered as problems. This leadership development seminar has changed my outlook when relating to and leading others and been one of my most beneficial professional development experiences." 

- John Cornish, Master Chief, US Navy Retired

Now, Is Where Tomorrow’s Journey Begins!